Thursday , 23 October 2014
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  • The Blue Bag!

    The Blue Bag!

    Blue is one classic color which never goes out of fashion. Being it garments or accessories shades a...

  • Tribal Ethnic bags!

    Tribal Ethnic bags!

    Tribal look is so much in trends these days. Fashion products inspired from tribal motifs, tribal pr...

  • Indian Block Print Scarves!

    Indian Block Print Scarves!

    So here we are presenting you our fabulous range of hand block print scarves. These scarves are the ...

  • Men’s Neon Fashion!!

    Men’s Neon Fashion!!

    Hey guys, I found some interesting things about men’s neon fashion trends. As neon colors are ...

  • Trend: Retro Bag!

    Trend: Retro Bag!

    50′s Retro fashion is in trend nowadays so are the retro bags! Fashion trends as are said that...

  • Trend: Printed scarves!!

    Trend: Printed scarves!!

    Hello everyone! I am back after a wonderful relaxing weekend. So writing under trends report and giv...

  • Stand-Out Graphic: Fabric Bags !

    Stand-Out Graphic: Fabric Bags !

    Stand-Out graphics will be widely popular in the upcoming Spring Summer trends 2012 as i have alread...

  • Summer Trend: Statement Pieces!!

    Summer Trend: Statement Pieces!!

    Big and bold accessories or an outlook are making high on trend this summer! Big jewellery pieces li...

  • Still Life Bags !…

    Still Life Bags !…

    You must have  heard of still life  paintings or pictures but have you ever heard of still life bags...

  • Owl bags!!!

    Owl bags!!!

    Okay so I recently bought an owl ring and i really want people to know that owl accessories are very...

Woven Foldover Clutch Bags

Tribal woven clutch

Foldover clutch bags are the trend of this season 2014 and are going to rock even in the next season of 2015. What are these foldover clutches? As there are varieties of bag shapes available in the market some of the most common are hobo, totes, messenger, cross-body, clutches etc. ... Read More »


Tribal aztec clutch

Box clutches are most modern and chic bags under the category of evening bags. People like to carry these bags in the day parties too. These bags are small and compact in size. Hard structures of these bags make them ideal to give a modern and structured look. I Think Fashion have ... Read More »

Holographic Bags in Trend

holographic bags 1

Robotic effects, techno feel, shine and glitter. All these are the words defining holographic effects to me. Holographic effects are in trend this season 2014 and will rock in 2015 too. This is our future fashion trend. As the world is going mad over internet and technology, fashion trends too ... Read More »

Indian Block Print Scarves!

Red block print scarf

So here we are presenting you our fabulous range of hand block print scarves. These scarves are the new addition to our product categories and are special in their own way. As we mentioned in our previous post about the process of making hand block print scarves, now we have ... Read More »


fashion scarves

Summer Scarves always look stylish and trendy. They are lightweight and can be worn over tank tops, dresses, over shirt or tunics. These scarves add on to the style of any look. A huge demand of fashion scarves can be seen around all the fashion stores. Scarves are a great accessory ... Read More »

The Blue Bag!

royal blue clutch bag

Blue is one classic color which never goes out of fashion. Being it garments or accessories shades and tints of blue always look cool and smart. Royal blue is the trend of the season 2014. In the summers light blue is something you should have in your wardrobes. At “I ... Read More »

Artistic Tote Bags

artist tote bag

Brush strokes on the canvas are turned into totes this season. I found some amazing tote bags with simple brush strokes which are in fashion trends 2014. This attractive tote is unique and stands apart due to their artistic appeal. I am personally very fond of art and paintings and ... Read More »

Velvet Pouch Bags


Pouch Bags getting popular in the category of handbags fashion trends these days. These pouch bags look pretty; they are handy and comfortable too. There are different types of pouch bags too. Bigger or smaller as they come in different styles and purposes that depends on what you are looking ... Read More »

Luxury Box Clutch Bag


Box clutches are most popular one’s in the evening bags category these days. Small and handy these box clutches looks great with any outfit too. Minimalist  and clean looks because of its compact size these box clutches makes you look modern and trendy. Look at our new collection of handmade ... Read More »

Ethnic Tote Bag!


Fabric tote bags are Eco-friendly and come in a variety of styles. This lovely kantha work ethnic tote bag is a cute tote with handmade tassel hanging on the handle. The patchwork of ethnic bag done here looks interesting. Especially the way mix n match of the prints is done ... Read More »

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