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Tribal Ethnic bags!

Tribal look is so much in trends these days. Fashion products inspired from tribal motifs, tribal prints and materials are crazily followed and loved by the fashion chic’s. Especially tribal bags have become fashion statements. Celebrities are spotted with these trendy handcrafted bright and lovely bags. Not only handcrafted products by tribal people, it’s about their look and inspirations taken from their lifestyle arts and crafts. Tribal motifs and patterns are very popular among all. Well! Here i am talking about the genius handcrafted bags which i saw on many big brands too like Antik Batik, Freepeople to name few. Each one of these bags are absolutely unique & a work of art which comes from the tribal people. Many of such bags you see are made in India, my native land. You will find each piece of bag to be different and unique in their own way. The different kinds of embroidery and embellishments done on the bag makes it look fab! Mirror work, coins and shells hangings give this bag a tribal look which is so trendy these days. A lot of works are being inspired from these kinds of mirror work and embellishments.


 The hobo bags above are from brand Freepeople, giving a perfect gypsy look which is so much to get excited for. Colored beads and various kinds of bright multi-colored fabrics used to make these bags are the center of attraction. These bags look full of life with pom-pom, tassels and different hangings. I love these bags personally not only because of their looks but also their uniqueness which inspires me a lot to work on creative things in my own field!






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