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Punk fashion is going to rock the upcoming season fall trends 2013-2014. It’s a good news for all those rebellious people around the world, this time you won’t be disappointing as fall 2013-2014 trend report says punk is going to rock. Punk rock is all about free style or say rebel style. It’s all about freedom of style. Punk rock style became famous in 1970’s when people used to hang around rock music and discotheques. Short hairstyles were replaced by long hippie style looks. People were more involved in punk music and believed in wearing torn clothes, metal studs, heavy metal zippers, animal prints, torn stocking, studded leather bands, leather skirts and jackets etc. Punk rock is a rebel style. Designer  from United Kingdom lthat is Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm Mclaren and Bromley Contingent designed garments based on punk fashion. This trend become popular in that fashion era. We say 1960’s, 70’s,80’s is a fashion revolution era. Punk colthes, handbags and accessories includes materials like leather, sheer fabric, Rugged denim, net, animal prints, spike studs and chain embellishments etc.

Punk Fashion Accessories


Punk fashion is going to rock in latest trends 2013-2014. As it is all around the fashion mania. How do you define a punk style? then the answer is look at the rebellious moves. Wear a studded leather jacket, studded shoes, funky bracelet, metal neckpeice, studded handbag and torn stocking in black and there you go with a punk style looks. Many designer collections also showcased punk style in their latest collection. Alexander Mc Queen, Viviene Westwood, Donatella Versace and many more has lot of punk elements in their fall 2013 collections.The latest exhibition held at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute which had a theme of “Chaos to Couture” saw a many celebrities styled punk inspired. The met gala meet was more about couture looks, when the punk style is all about street fashion. Well! inspirations are always on high but then changing the meaning is something doesn’t work. Punk is a street culture, famous for youth cultures which depicts different individual style. We can only see that punk is going to be in trends 2014 for sure as the vibes around says this to me. Lots of studs around with torn denims and black stockings and riveted bracelets with chain works and spike hair with neon colors, You never know what the trend 2014 turns around and brings new elements discovered by designers in punk fashion style.


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