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Neon Colors on the Street!!

Here i continue with the hot neon colors which are in trend 2012-2013 this season. I found this interesting fabric with all neon colors in my office and thought to click and share as neon colors are not only limited to those sporty looks. They are more feminine and popular as a bright color which is used to pop out any outfit or accessory. NY streets are spotted with this super bright color popular among the fashion victims these days. It’s electric, futuristic and bold. Neon colors are hot this season. Accessories or feminine laces, hints with the lemon yellow piping of a bag or a whole neon color shirt, Fashion statements with this bold hue is what makes you stand out in the crowd. The trick is to wear it with black and voila you look hot! Neon colors became popular in fashion in 1960’s which is known as a memorable fashion era in the form of psychedelic colors or acidic colors. Neon bright is now more fashionable in a new way, modern way. Minimal and not messy, solid color blocking with black is what designers are working at. You can check out my previous post on Neon Colored bags. I collected some interesting looks this popping trend of the season, have a look.

Bold color block stripes in neon yellow and black top from Michael Kros reminds me of Prada stripes of SS2011 collection. This bright neon tote bag from Rebecca Minkoff is too bold and enough to make you stand out in the crowd.

Have you thought of wearing a bold neon lace fabric shirt? You can now go crazy with this feminine mix sporty look. This is really ultra-chic and modern day look i found in one of a blog post from bloglovin.

Another hot pink on the street from a blog post on bloglovin. Do remember the trick is to wear neon color with black and neat!


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