Beautiful Embroidered Clutch bags!

Our new handmade embroidered evening clutch bags are added to the night fall collection available at “I Think Fashion” store now. These handmade bags are special party wear bags. There is a lot of variety of embroidered evening clutches, these gorgeous clutches are made in rich fabrics like silk, velvet, […]

Cool Leather Bracelets!!

So here we are with our very first collection of leather bracelets. Vibrant colors and attractive designs, these leather bracelets are perfect on the go. leather bracelet has been one accessory which had been popular in trends from long times. It’s perfect accessory to be paired with anything cool. Wear […]

Trend: Studs all over!

Funky and rebellious, these studs are in trend again! Fall winter 2012-2013 studs and spikes are majorly in fashion trends. Studs are on accessories like bags, leather bracelet, shoes and clothes etc.  Studs look good on lot of things and if used smartly they look very chic. This season studs have turned […]

Color Block Sweater Totes!!

Hello everyone… here is the new kind of color block tote bags I found on my favorite site and brand “anthropologie”. These bags are made from bright colored graphic pattern on knit fabric used for sweaters. Simple Geometric patterns are over layed on these knit fabric and stitched in the […]

Trend: Mixed and Matched Tribal

It’s all about mixed and matched stories. This season’s hottest trend follows this basic norm in almost every collection. Tribal prints, tribal motifs in different weaves and forms are popular amongst all designers and brands.  With bold prints and patterns in bold and bright colors gives a strong fashion statement […]

Metallic glam !

Image courtesy :  With the futuristic style and glittery runways, metallic colors are back with a bash! Designers have come up with glamorous styles which give contemporary fashion statements. Clean lines, sharp cuffs, shimmer and layers of embellishments, this trend is over the top with elegance and flash. Balmain, […]