Hand Embroidery: Gujraat!

I found some beautiful hand embroideries at my work place, which are handcrafted in Gujarat! I fell in love with the bright and beautiful contrasting colors been popping out with the traditional motifs hand embroidered fabulously…They are such a piece of inspirations, no wonder India has got an immense talent and a very rich heritage of handicrafts (now that made me feel proud) especially those from Gujarat are very unique. Have a look at what made me to write this post!

Looking at the above hand embroidery it looks like the gujarat women work boldly, not afraid from experimenting colors ,vibrant blue, green, yellow, red on a rose pink base are outstanding! Wanna know more about this craft? Here i worked it for you. Embroidery has been a craft for women .Banni, a small village in the Rann of Kutch a place in Gujarat is known for its artistic embroidery work. Small mirrors are interspersed to lend glitter and charm. The finest type of such embroidery work with small mirrors is called Abhla-Bharat. When a bride is sent to her husband’s house, she carries with her some pieces of skirts and cholis exquisitely embroidered with minute details. This sounds interesting to me, I would love to be inspired from these embroideries for my fabric bag collection and will be putting much more exciting posts for you to get some inspirations for your works the way i do!

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