Handmade Friendship Bands!!

After my trip to the wintry Himalayas i m loaded with a lot of material for my upcoming post. Now this one is something i personally like a lot. Handmade friendship bands are old fashioned but then they are handcrafted and so valuable. I found this woman who makes these friendship bands and also hand-knitted shoes for young kids. The best part about these friendship bands was their colorful appearance and yeah you can get your name or your friends name woven on these friendship bands which was the best part you can have a personalized gift for your loved ones. This women looked organized too as she was writing the names of all the people who were buying these personalized friendship bands. She had colorful yarns which were woven on a hard base and threads were left loose at the end. And guess what these bands cost very less for Rupees 20/- only.

As I loved these colorful bands and so this will be my gift to all the “I THINK FASHION” readers :). Also I am sure you all would like to gift something like this to your loved ones. So don’t forget to buy this special gift whenever you travel to Shimla in India and surprise your loved ones with this exclusive gesture to them.

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