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Style is not about what others are following, it’s about what’s your personal style… “I think fashion” highlights an individual personal style; I came across this lady working at my office construction site! There was something interesting with her style she was so well coordinated, I found the tea dyed color prints she was wearing very Indian and ethnic. Her self-textured shirt blouse was in a light tea dyed color and was going so well with the saree and head gear she was carrying. Somehow the grass green bangles were out of place but then it was her choice.

Indian ethnic floral Prints

Indian Ethnic floral prints were the perfect words I found for these prints. They were quite interesting and very traditional in style, representing Indian Ethnic style.

Indian ethnic floral prints

Her headgear was the most interesting part of her style. Just look at the way she draped her saree over her head, this reminds me those unique styles we see in our fashion runway shows! This was quite inspiring, for all those designers who look for inspirations around… this was mine. Tea dyed color base and brown color ethnic floral were bold and noticeable. Well! Her overall look was inspiring enough for me to write this post… India is my native place so I will be keep posting interesting fashion and style under “Explore India” section.

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