Pastels Trends: Indian Pastels

Every year designers choose a different color palate to create their unique and lovely designs from.  This year, the color theme is Indian pastels!  Beautiful shades of mint green, tangerine, and beige are gracing runways across the globe.  The light, delicate colors are calming and far more lovely than the neon colors we were seeing last season.

Indian pastels are great for mixing and matching with staple pieces from your wardrobe, like black pencil skirts, and brown shoes.  The delicate tones are equally suited for casual wear or work clothes.  You’ll see clothing, especially tops and flowing skirts, that incorporate several pastel colors on top of an intricate design this season.

To pull off the look, pair your Indian pastels with neutrals.  White pants and a colorful top make a great summer look.  Indian pastels go great with gold and brass accessories as well.  This look works particularly well with the metal-toned shoes that were in demand a few seasons ago.  Avoid traditional pastels if you’re trying to stay trendy, and instead opt for pastel versions of offbeat and unusual colors.

Choose mint green instead of green, fuschia instead of pink, and turquoise instead of blue.  Simple color variations will make the difference between and hit and a miss with this hot new trend.

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