Batik print Handbags!!


batik print bags

I just loved these bags in batik prints which is a major trend in fashion this season. Batik print mixed with tie n dye patterns with tribal looks is the key to this trend of the season. Basically batik is an art; it’s a technique of dying process. Batik is a cloth that is traditionally made using a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. Batik is a famous art of printing or dying from Asia and Africa. Batik prints and mix prints are seen much popular in the collections showcased by designers in summer collections. You can find batik on dresses, trousers, accessories, handbags shoes etc. Designer brands like antik batik, Twelfth Street, Balmain have come up with some interesting batik and tie n dye prints. Batik patterns and motifs have inspired designers for using them in their collections. These prints are sexy, exotic and bring the good mood together with the sunny days. Resort collections of designers have these kinds of prints and patterns with a tribal yet contemporary feel. Handbags, totes and clutches in fabric look exciting with these prints. Exotic batik prints in bright hues were boldly mixed-and-matched all across the 2013 Spring/Summer collections. Here i have collected some more beautiful fabric handbags you can carry with your solid colored outfits on a beach or carry it casually for shopping or daytime.


Simply loved this Tote bag from Anthropologie my favorite brand. This exotic batik print bag is so exciting in its appeal that it can actually make your outfit stands out in a crowd.

This lovely tote bag from Twelfth Street is even much Stirring to carry one for sure. This bright and vibrant tote will never disappoint you on your beach days. So grab your own bag and pair it in your own style as you think fashion “I Think Fashion” !

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