Owl bags!!!

Okay so I recently bought an owl ring and i really want people to know that owl accessories are very much in trend this season … as they don’t know. I noticed them noticed that everywhere i go shopping. Owls became famous from the very popular known Harry Potter for the white owl Hedwig. It’s the texture of the bird what interests a lot of designers and fashion brands and me too he he not many people like them they thinks it’s a weird and scary animal. Owls also represent wisdom and mystery and that’s what fashion is all about. Let me tell you that owl brings good luck to you. Well! i had already put an article on Owl Accessories so i won’t repeat again  So this time I will write in my all time favourite bag section. Just have a look at some cute owl bags i found. They are not scary but cute and worth buying.


owl handbag
owl tote bag
owl tote bag

Image courtesy : Polyvore.com


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