Summer Love: Beach Bags!

It’s a high summer time and beach is one point chic look for their fun times and why not? Everyone loves beach holidays after all! Exploring sea life, tide pools, and drift wood can be so much fun. With beach holidays, there is always a need to provide for skin safety, you carry a stylish hat to hide a little from the sun, a bag to carry your essentials like sunscreen lotions, some clothes, scarves etc.  Be particularly careful about being in the sun for long stretches of time on the beach as it can harm your skin. A practical and stylish accessory for the sunny days of spring summer at a beach is a must have. Straw bags, jute bags, cotton bags are Eco-friendly, light and spacious making it perfect for you to carry your things. Colors like beige, blue, green, white, yellow looks bright and cheerful. Themes like Nautical, Rivera lies under beach fun categories! Bigger bags look smart and stylish with those hot pants or tank tops! Brands like Victoria Secret, D & G, Debenhams, IM-HM Resort comes up with trendy beach bags collection. Relaxing and having fun with style can be a great idea, so lemme show you some looks you can style yourself!



Divisha Mehta

She loved to paint and draw all the pretty things around at her school. A child at heart, she always had an obsession for art and fashion. She won “artist of the year” award at her school twice! Divisha Mehta is a Lifestyle Accessories Designer graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) New Delhi, India, has experience of working with fashion industry as a head designer focusing on lifestyle products since 2008. She is a passionate design enthusiast, an artist, a fashion, trend & lifestyle blogger and a day dreamer. For her inspiration she peeps into her life and around the world in a search for creative desires! She is Owner and Creative Designer at iThinkFashion - Freedom Of Style, a designer handbags and designer accessories store and latest fashion trends blog.

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