Patchwork Fabric Tote Bags

I am just loving those patchwork bags i saw on one of my favorite website “”. Mix n match is the trend of the season spring summer 2013 which is being continued since last season fashion trends. Patchwork in terms of fabric quality, prints, and materials is applied to every fashion products. “Explore” is the keyword. Designers are working towards experimenting with materials, fabrics, prints to create something new and creative which is pleasing to the eyes of the beholder. Well, i meant to say patchwork trends are old but they are always there in the trends with some new twist and turns, with more chic and modern looks. Check out some bags i am talking about. I am sure you will like these fresh tote bags.

Simply in love with these eye-catchy nature inspired tote bag. Big florals with a group of birds, with just black and white floral patterns and those lovely orange polka dots at the side bar looks so modern and innovative. To be seen it’s a simple tote bag or say a shopping bag you can bump all you belongings into, but the abstract patchwork done neatly is outstanding with a sleek handle to this this tote even a more modern look. This bag is perfect to carry for the casual look or go on the beach and show off!

Lively and fresh is the word comes to my mind when i saw these lovely tropical flowers on this tote bag. A sunny landscape edged in spacey silver make Miss Albright’s carryall tote bag out-of-this-world. This bag looks like you are carrying the whole garden of flowers with you. Big floral pattern on one side and polka dots on the other side are combined intelligently to give the bag a more contemporary look. The print on canvas gives it a natural texture which it has of its own. This fabric tote bagĀ is spacious enough to carry your all essential things and much more.

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