Pattern inspiration : Graphic tribal

Where do you think did all these pattern trends came from or at least were inspired? One huge answer that would qualify is Africa. Yes, it’s that big continent in the middle of the earth, boasting of real native features, especially the colored people and rich traditions, history and famed personalities.

Why did fashion experts turn their heads to a land whose majority of its countries is impoverished? It’s not about the money issue but the graphic tribal patterns that most tourists and observers see from varied tribes in the area. Since its introduction into the fashion scene, it has captured the hearts of many that it had become a worldwide phenomenon. Many of the patterns had inspired bag makers to shoe and accessory makers. Notwithstanding, its effect on the apparel industry alone can already be considered impactful, but what is next after 2012?

Graphic trend will surely continue soaring up high especially for bags which are another accessory that can be considered as a staple for most women. The design’s playful array of colors and intricate patterns is what’s selling these articles. Aside from they look cool, for the bold wearer, this could be a fashion statement that can captivate onlookers for the year to come. It looks different, and upon using these items, you can clearly see the pattern inspiration being complimented with rich stories from around the globe.

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