Trend 2014: Animal Prints!

Animal prints are always rocking the fashion trends and they will be on the trends report for 2014 even. Royalty is what you think of when you see some animal print product. Being it a garment, accessory or a shoe animal print look great always. Never over do them. You can have a hint of animal print in your outfit, like leopard print jacket or just a pocket of that jacket! The idea is how smartly you use these animal prints. Carrying an animal print bag with any outfit makes it look more luxurious at times. Lemme show you some ways to use these prints in your daily lives.


 Simply loved this leopard print top which is very stylish and looks hot! What makes it look outstanding is the way this has been dressed. Taupe colored skirt with leather clutch bag and chunky metal gold necklace and round shaped sunglasses makes the whole look very chic and trendy!

leopard print leggings

Look at these smart animal print leggings. By just adding these leggings the whole look changed! you can also use animal print bag, shoes, necklace, sunglasses etc. Animal prints have been rocking previously and will rock the trends 2014 season too!