Trend 2014: Mexican Medley

mexican prints

The fall 2014 is on the working mode in fashion industry and fall 2013 trends are on arrival. So, let’s check out what 2014 trends are going to bring us this season! Talking about prints this season, tribal prints are rocking as before, they come up with different regions of inspirations. Mexican prints are popular source of inspiration for fall trends 2014. Tapestry fabrics with aztec patterns and prints are continuing in a great way. Mexican floral motifs are mixed with geometric tribal patterns or aztec patterns. Print draw inspiration from Mexican serape styles and traditional tapestries. They are looking for more electric hues.

mexican prints

These amazing prints are great source of inspiration. florals are mixed with geometric prints and colors are used smartly too. White on black looks bold and bright. Red, blue, orange, aqua are the highlighted ones. It’s tribal; it’s more of the hippie look.

tribal bag

Check out this tribal bag by designer Stella 9 who has played so smartly with the bright hints of red and blue bold colors over tea dyed color fabric. Also the way the tapestry fabrics are mixed and matched it is commendable. This bag is a perfect example of the latest and upcoming trends 2014.