6 Hairstyles For The Workplace!

Workplace for working women is a place where you get to be too busy yet you need to look at your best all time. Women are expected to be presentable and confident. To achieve that look most of us focus on the attires we wear to the office but the overall neat look is the key to good looking women. Hairstyles play an important part in this fashion process of presentation. Your hairstyle can make you look attractive or can make you look unattractive. So it’s important while you going to a workplace to have a neat and tidy hairstyle for an office look. Here are 6 types of different hairstyles for your workplace which are simple and easy yet can make a huge difference in your overall look.

1. Messy High Bun

neat hairstyle

Image : stylecraze.com

Neat in front messy at top. You can look stylish and professional at the same time with this look. You need to pull your hair back at the top and tie it tightly.

2. Short Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle

Image : stylecraze.com

This is super easy to make hairstyle for the office look. Just tying ponytail high at the back with a rubber band and wrap around the hair strand neatly. Fix it with a bobby pin. There are many styles in high ponytail you can do, you can curl it at the bottom and make it look more stylish for proffessional look.

3. Semi – High Bun with Puff

stylish hairstyle

Image : stylecraze.com

Make a semi-high bun at the top with your medium hair length. Wrap it well with a thin braid around it. The top should be puffy and little loose to give a complete professional look in this.

4. Bob cut with a side styling

short hairstyle

Image : stylecraze.com

This is the best to me. It easy quick to make and time saving. Just get this bob cut and give a side angular parting and you are ready to go!

5. Semi – Angled Bun

high bun hairstyle

Image : stylecraze.com

This messy bun at the back will give you more mature look rather than a high bun. This can be a good vaiation in bun styles when you dont want to go with a high bun. Try for this one.

6. Loose soft curls


Image : stylecraze.com

Giving your hair an instant blow dry can work wonders to your hair. By just giving a quick blow dry in an inward direction of curls can give you a salon-ready look. You can style this look sometimes when you have meetings or special occasions at your workplace or you wants to look like a fashion style icon.

I hope next time you wondering what to style with your hair then you got these 6 hairstyles for the workplace.

Divisha Mehta

She loved to paint and draw all the pretty things around at her school. A child at heart, she always had an obsession for art and fashion. She won “artist of the year” award at her school twice! Divisha Mehta is a Lifestyle Accessories Designer graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) New Delhi, India, has experience of working with fashion industry as a head designer focusing on lifestyle products since 2008. She is a passionate design enthusiast, an artist, a fashion, trend & lifestyle blogger and a day dreamer. For her inspiration she peeps into her life and around the world in a search for creative desires! She is Owner and Creative Designer at iThinkFashion - Freedom Of Style, a designer handbags and designer accessories store and latest fashion trends blog.

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