6 Summer Styling Tips to Look For This Season

Summer time is at its peak and everyone likes to get dressed up in flowy comfy dresses for summer. I love hanging out in summer, sometimes there is a concern for tanning and sunburns but dressing up casually on those hot pants and strappy dresses that keep me charged to go out in the sun and enjoy the summer season. Most of the times, I like to go casual and comfortable with my clothes in summer. I look for a loose tee with denim shorts that’s my favorite in summer fashion. There are many summer trends to look forward this season but how to style them? So, On this blog post, Check out 6 “summer styling tips” you can follow with your existing clothes or buy some new to get a new look. Here is the list below.

1. White Color

White summer style

White is always classic in summer. A classic white shirt, a top, a dress. Anything you feel comfortable in, you can’t go wrong with white in summers. White color keeps you cool and away from the hot sun directly affecting your body. dark colors easily absorb heat so light colors or white is perfect for summer season.

2. Floral Prints

Floral print dress

Beach florals or botanical prints are always classic for summer. There is a wide variety of floral prints in dresses, tops, leggings, trousers. Florals are the all time favorite in summer. Look for pastels and soft color floral prints when shopping for this summer season. Be it for a day party or dressing it up casually. Floral prints are always on trend in summer.

3. Stripes for Summer

Stripes jumpsuit

When shopping for summer, Look for Stripe prints and patterns as they are always on trend. Diagonal stripes with popping colors are perfect for jumpsuits or tops. Get your hands on some stripes dresses and flaunt your unique style this summer season.

4. Off-shoulder Style

Off shoulder Top

Off shoulder tops and dresses is a hot trend of this summer trends 2017. You will see a lot of fashion clothing with off shoulder styles. one shoulder or both sides, this hot trend is very popular among the fashion people this summer continuing from last summer trends. Look for stylish off shoulder dresses with frills or straight patterns. Add this style to your summer wardrobe essentials. Style your off-shoulder top with denim pants or shorts and you will look high on fashion trends with this style of the season.

5. Sheer Fabrics

Flowy dresses and tops in sheer fabrics are perfect for summer. In this hot season, feel comfortable and light on clothing by choosing this summer fashion style. Look out for Chiffon, Organza and linen fabrics for tops and dresses. Like cotton, these fabrics are also perfect for summer season. You can feel relaxed yet stylish with sheer fabrics.

6.  Maxi dresses

What can be more comfortable than just wearing a single long dress in light fabrics! You can choose maxi dresses to style yourself and look fabulous with a style sense. Choose light colors or floral, ethnic prints which are always classic and remain always in trends for the summer season.

Apart from all styling tips, few most important pieces of accessories play a very important part in styling your look. So, Grab a pair of sunglasses, a slippers or sandals, light jewelry and a handbag to complete your fashionista look.

Image Courtsey: stylecaster.com

Divisha Mehta

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