7 Fashion Tips That Makes You look Taller

We all look for Fashion tips and tricks to look taller. Tall height is definitely one factor that can make you look glamorous. By simply using some tips and doing some small changes in the way you style yourself you can make yourself look taller. When we don’t have something, that becomes our desire. So looking taller may be one of your desire if you have short or medium height. But that’s not far you can always look taller by adding or doing some changes in your look. Some simple fashion tips can make a difference. Here I gathered 7 fashion tips which can make you look taller.

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1. Vertical Stripes

how to look taller

This is most common of all. It’s a view of perception. Vertical stripes will make you look taller always. Try wearing a vertical stripes top or a dress. Look for dresses with contrasting and bold stripes they will definitely make you look taller than your original height. You should wear a heel to automatically upgrade your height.

2. V-Neck Style

all black outfit

V-neck tops or t-shirts makes you look taller when they create an illusion of longer and leaner torso. V-neckline dresses or styling those blazers smartly can make you look taller.

3. High buns / knots

high bun

High hairstyles such as high ponytails, high knot or puff will increase your height visually. When you tie your hair on top of your head it definitely gives the viewer a taller impression.

4. All one color outfit


Dressing up all in one color is an absolute way of drawing a single line in the eyes of the beholder. It’s an effective color strategy which creates an illusion of height. While all head to toe dressed up in black, a more saturated hue would look good specially on the work mode. You can try all white or all pastel pink.

5. Maxi Skirts

maxi skirt fashion

It’s a myth that maxi skirts don’t suit on short heighten women. Infact its proven that maxi skirts can make you look taller. Choose darker colors to create a vertical line visually. A well fitted maxi skirt can make you look taller. Also you will look stylish and trendy in this dress up. I personally like to try on maxi skirts. Though my height is shorter and now when I know this tip I am definitely going to try this one.

6. High-waist Bottoms

hight-waist shorts

High waist pants or bottoms fitted right on your waist can  actually make you appear more taller. By wearing a fitted one you can trick the eye that you are taller by elongating your lower body.

7. Bell Bottom Pants


Bell bottom pants are back in fashion trends 2016. Slowly this 60’s,70’s fashion trend is making its comeback. Bell bottom pants fitted from the waist and loose at the bottom can actually make you look taller. It creates an illusion of a longer legs, when you wear these pants covering your heels you will appear to be taller.

So now you know how to dress to impress and look taller. There are many more fashion styles apart from these which can make you look taller. Right now you can try these few fashion tips which can work well in making you look taller and smarter.

Image Credits: Pinterest.com

Divisha Mehta

She loved to paint and draw all the pretty things around at her school. A child at heart, she always had an obsession for art and fashion. She won “artist of the year” award at her school twice! Divisha Mehta is a Lifestyle Accessories Designer graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) New Delhi, India, has experience of working with fashion industry as a head designer focusing on lifestyle products since 2008. She is a passionate design enthusiast, an artist, a fashion, trend & lifestyle blogger and a day dreamer. For her inspiration she peeps into her life and around the world in a search for creative desires! She is Owner and Creative Designer at iThinkFashion - Freedom Of Style, a designer handbags and designer accessories store and latest fashion trends blog.

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    These are great tips. Vertical stripes and high waist attire has worked best for me.


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