How to Style Hot Pants this Summer!

Hot pants is one of the coolest item in the list of fashion clothing’s for summer. While they make you look really hot they are fun to wear and style too. It’s a classic summer trend which never goes out of fashion. So you don’t have to worry if there is a trend or not, a hot pant in your wardrobe can be styled with any trend of the season. Hot pants give a strong cool fashion statement. Mostly worn casually, street style you can even style them up for the evenings. There is so much to look into this one type of fashion clothing. You can have end ideas of styling with hot pants. Here I can show you some ideas of how to style a hot pant for this summer season 2016 or say at any summer season.

Wear it with a White shirt or Top

hot pants styling tips

Look out for a cool denim hot pants or shorts with rugged look and style it up with a white top or a white shirt. You are on the write path to do that. It’s as simple as that. Take any white loose top, tank top, a white shirt and tuck it inside or leave it loose. you can decide how you wants to style it up with your denim hot pants. Plus, white is perfect for summers so you can always take it easy on what color to wear with hot pants.

Wear Hot Pants with Graphic tees

halle berry in hot pants

Most casual street style is to style a hot pant with a simple graphic t-shirt. If you are young and love graphic then a denim hot pants or cotton ones can be worn with cool graphic tees casually on the streets. Hollywood star halle berry is looking hot in these hot pants worn with a casual graphic tee and a cap which adds on to her sporty style statement.

Wear them with Cool Prints

printed shorts hot pants stylePrints look trendy. You can choose to style your hot pants with latest trendy prints in fashion. Especially when you are going on a beach holiday, printed hot pants can be a perfect option. They come in cotton or chiffon fabrics which can be perfect for summers and can make you more comfortable at your beach holidays.

Style Hot Pants with Stockings

katie holmes in hot pants

Wants to hide from that summer heat and not looking to get your legs tanned in the sun? then you can have an option of styling your hot pants with stockings. They look more stylish and glamorous. Also if you love shorts but don’t have a perfect toned legs or you don’t want to expose your skin then this can be one great option for styling your hot pants.

Style hot Pants for Parties.

leather_hot_pants_shortsshimmer shorts

For parties you can always look for rich looking leather shorts or sequins glittery ones. These shorts can be paired with a simple top yet they can add that extra glamour needed for the parties. So pick these kind of hot pants next time you are planning to wear hot pants to the disco nights.

Divisha Mehta

She loved to paint and draw all the pretty things around at her school. A child at heart, she always had an obsession for art and fashion. She won “artist of the year” award at her school twice! Divisha Mehta is a Lifestyle Accessories Designer graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) New Delhi, India, has experience of working with fashion industry as a head designer focusing on lifestyle products since 2008. She is a passionate design enthusiast, an artist, a fashion, trend & lifestyle blogger and a day dreamer. For her inspiration she peeps into her life and around the world in a search for creative desires! She is Owner and Creative Designer at iThinkFashion - Freedom Of Style, a designer handbags and designer accessories store and latest fashion trends blog.

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