Eyelashes Extension at Can-West Agencies

Who doesn’t like to enhance their beauty in whatever terms the offer is? I got one such offer of being a model for a student studying at Can-West Agencies, Saskatoon, SK Canada. She is a dear friend who needed a model for her eyelashes extension learning experiment. I know it sounds crazy to go for an experiment especially when it comes to a sensitive part of the eyes that is eyelashes. But then I dared to give it a shot once and eyelashes extension treatments are so much in beauty trends and enhance your fashion look better anytime. The treatment was done at a popular place called Can-West Agencies in Saskatoon, SK. For you all to know I have shifted my base from  India to Canada recently.

CanWest agencies offer different Esthetic classes, which includes basic nail courses to advanced troubleshooting courses, manicure, pedicure courses, lash perming and tinting courses, as well as several others. It provides education to students to  courses which are approved for technical credit by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Board. They create excellence through quality products and education, demands constantly searching for the most up-to-date products and informative courses.
canwest canada agencies

While I was reached early on time, I got a lot of time to browse their beauty supplies which they kept in their store for sale. So I clicked this picture of nail polish colors kept so beautifully and always attracting my attention.

Nail colors

Eyelashes Extension Experience

When I was a little nervous about my eyelashes extension, my friend Monica assured me that she will take care and provides me the best results possible to her. I felt somewhat relaxed. For your information, you need to have at least 3 hours time in hand to complete the treatment fully. She asked me whether I am looking for a “natural look” or a “Dramatic”, while I was keen on getting a dramatic look but then it was my first experience so I chose to go for a mid option of both and she agreed. The treatment then started and i had to lay down straight till the treatment is done completely. I was asleep when the treatment was done till one-hour atleast so time just flew away for me. You need to have patience for such treatments. But for the results girls are ready to do it anyhow. Finally, I could grab a before and after picture of my treatment from Monica. She was great at her service and I was delighted with the experience and results I got. Thank you, Monica, for the patience you kept with me.

Eyelashes Extension results

So the Results were great but they won’t be very dramatic as you may expect while starting but true to the reality. Then I was given a paper with Do’s and Don’ts which tell me how I can care for my eyelashes. I was advised not to apply water to the eyes till 48 hrs. I can take another touch-up sitting after two weeks to keep my eyelashes intact for a longer period of time. Overall, I had a wonderful experience of trying something different than regular beauty treatments.

Note : Pictures and shared information is based purely on my own experience and is not sponsored in anyways.

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