Lady Gaga Won “Fashion Icon” Award!!

“Rebellious” is one word comes to my mind when i think of the most famous “Lady Gaga”. She creates the drama by her oh so wild… dressing wherever she goes. She is being highly acclaimed by the world of fashion. American pop singer-songwriter chiefly called as ”Lady Gaga” won the 2011 CFDA Fashion Icon Award at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York City.

She dresses up audaciously! Her outer style is too dramatic like a story of a “Little monster” that’s what she is often referred by her fans. This is what her latest look was like at CFDA awards. She is wearing brand Thierry Mugler evening gown with mesh sleeves and a gathered tulle train. A pair of foot-high platforms and an aqua wig completed this dramatic look. She isn’t one afraid to take risks. She paired her teal bob with bright red lipstick, vampire looking red nails and her style she carries in the most rowdy way. Lady Gaga is hugely inspired by many fashion lovers but for many she looks shocking and weird too!

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