The Victorian and Asian Tradition Fusions in Modern Vogue

In our world fashion is one of the aspects of civilization that identifies historical timeline, but the vogue statement of the Victorian princess is one of the styles that have persisted for over two centuries in the Western world. Similarly, in the East, oriental flowers motif found in the genuine Asian signature couture has been immortalized since a thousand years that glorious civilizations in China, Japan and Korea flourished. Textile is a precious commodity in all civilized societies and in textiles, art and sophistication is found in fashion designing. It is not surprising to see the Victorian princess motif survive alongside oriental flowers design.


Progressive fashion designers have conjured the way to fuse two of the most resilient traditional fashion motifs into one and finally came up with good results. Victorian style gowns with laces no longer appear as outdated as before, as proverbial as the use of crinoline. Nowadays they blend very well with the snug fit hips and waistline style of Japanese kimono ornamented with camellias for embellishment. But unlike traditional Asian kimono, these new fusion gowns exude a sense of modernist liberty with the shoulder exposure of the tube laced upper dress, as well as the loose knee-length hem. These are just among the coolest New Age fashion in the list.

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