painterly prints

Future trends predicted by fashion enthusiast are the perfect guidelines. They help designers and brand to move in the right direction with their collections. Let’s see some key prints and patterns which are possibly going to be popular in summer fashion trends 2105. 1. Abstract Print & Pattern Many designers […]

Trend 2014: Multi-Direction Stripes!

Stripes are never out of fashion they are classic, This time stripes will be seen in a different ways for upcoming trends 2014. We saw Multi-direction stripes on many items in the latest collections on the runways. Even in the retail brands, Multi-direction stripes are on the tops , maxi […]

Trend: Zebra print Handbags!

Luxury is on the runway trends, Zebra stripes are on high! Designers like Fendi, Vivienne Westwood red label, Jimmy Choo were some who used zebra stripes in their accessories collection. We simply loved the fold over bag by designer Fendi and blue brown zebra print cross-body bag by designer Vivienne Westwood looks so stylish and trendy! These […]

Travel Inspired Accessories!!

  Designers are getting inspired from travel a lot these days. You can find a lot of designers talking about their inspirations from around the world, traveling and exploring different cultures from different continents of the world. This or that, designers are highly inspired by travel. Designers have their own […]

Trends 2012 : Stand-Out Graphics!

Urban bizarre look with geometric patterns, ikat prints , animal prints with overall a tribal ,exotic feeling will be rocking in the upcoming summer 2012 trends !This safari exotic theme includes Black and white graphics in tribal geometric patterns , natural colors with hints of gold, red, earthy neutrals. Graphics […]